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My 7 year journey has led me to today

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Can I Hold on?

The answer is: I don’t know. The reality is: yes I can!

What’s the tipping point for 4K channels in America?

We already know U.S. 4K TV households reached critical mass during the pandemic in 2020. Here we are in Q4 2022, and the direct-to-home satellite companies DIRECTV and DISH still not offering a bouquet of 4K resolution cable channels (I’m friends with other CEOs that own 4K channels in various countries). Satellite distribution to cable set top boxes (cable boxes) lends itself to the higher bitrate of a 4K picture (as opposed to IP delivery. Although, it took me years to find a company that can provide an IP delivery solution for UHD.) I could go on and on about 4X the pixels than 1080p, HDR, and WCG, 1 billion colors, nits, etc., but you have all read in-depth articles on the tech specs [of 4K] over the years. I write this article as the new NFL season kicks off and my mind goes to NFL in 4K resolution. It simply does not exist. The NFL does not broadcast in UHD / 4K through its broadcast partners. Hey Goodell, perhaps NFL+ subscribers could pay an extra fee to watch games in 4K on 4KUniverse and you and I cut a deal. I do give credit to FOX for their innovation with a la carte 4K college football games and I give credit to Comcast for its World Cup 4K coverage and other linear 4K events. But, what about the tens of millions of Americans with a 60" or larger UHD TV in their family room? Do they think they are watching 4K quality when viewing regular cable? Or are they more educated and know better? Do they even care? Or, are they as frustrated as I am after purchasing a 4K TV for thousands of dollars? I feel like the tipping point is not an external event at all. I think the tipping point actually resides with me. If 4KUniverse succeeds, 4K channels in America succeed.

I knew I had to make a brand decision eventually

When I started 4KUniverse in 2016, it was simply an idea in my mind. The founding concept: to take advantage of the rapidly growing 4K TV market share by offering a one-stop-shop destination for 100% 4K resolution content. 4KUniverse has first-to-market leverage in its brand and with its 4K Ultra HD programming. Through trial & error, I figured out the proper codecs, bitrates, frame rates, delivery methods, proper vendors to partner with, and more. The tech stack of 4KUniverse took 3 years alone. So that got me through 2018. I knew I was the little guy against the large media conglomerates and speed-to-market was essential. I knew owning a 4K channel was the carrot at the end of the stick. But then I started to shift my focus to branding. The tech stack was essentially built and now I needed to decide what 4KUniverse was. I knew by the time 4KUniverse was carried by the Tier 1 cable operators there would be other entrants / other competitors in 4K. So, not only is 4KUniverse 100% UHD resolution, it’s also an entertainment, consumer, and retail brand. After some success with linear satellite distribution of the 4KUniverse cable channel overseas, I needed to create another carrot on the end of that stick. 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 saw 4KUniverse blossom into what it is today: A new family entertainment / general entertainment brand — chock full of original cartoon characters (Popcorn Peter, Candy Cassie, Dee Dee, Big Bear Billy Billy, Jesús Jalapeño III, etc.); brand identities for Cable TV, Streaming, Movie Theaters, Consumer products & retail; storylines for television & the movies; a new cinematic movie universe (4KUniverse Multiverse); and a blockbuster franchise to boot (King Matthew) — 5 movies in development. To sum up my efforts, 4KUNIVERSE = 100% UHD + GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT (like a broadcast network) + CABLE CHANNEL + STREAMING SERVICE + A NEW CINEMATIC MOVIE UNIVERSE to rival DC & Marvel (4KUniverse Multiverse).

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That’s right. The little things. Or, are they big things? Or, is the little speed bump just in my own mind? 4KUniverse is currently crossing its T’s and dotting its I’s. The little things matter. The little things get you to the big things. We are delivering. I’m writing this short paragraph for myself as a vision board to prioritize the little things. 40 states / 18 million customers are waiting on me.

Excitement & Hard Work Pays Off

4KUniverse offers 3 plans: 1) Basic Plan for $10/month 2) Family Plan for $100/year and 3) Chief of Staff Access, 4KUniverse’s V.I.P. plan, for .5 ETH, available to purchase as a NFT card on the blockchain (OpenSea).

The Tier 1 U.S. cable operator launching 4KUniverse’s 4K streaming service (already announced in the press) will offer our Basic Plan for $10/month.

I am excited to showcase what I have been working hard on for 7 years — to an eager American TV audience. — Matthew Mancinelli

To submit a native 4K resolution TV series, movie, documentary, cartoon or special to 4KUniverse for acquisition consideration, please email:

Courtesy of 4KUniverse, Inc.



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