10 Reasons Why The Oscars Should Be Filmed and Broadcast in 4K

The pixel-packed format needs its turn in the limelight in 2019

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Oscars 2019: The upcoming Academy Awards are hotly anticipated (Image: AA)
  1. Audience. The Oscars drew 28.6 million viewers in 2018 on ABC. The perfect primetime event to introduce 4K quality to the masses.
  2. Glamour. America wants to see their favorite actor on the red carpet in 4K. Designers will love to see their intricate details displayed in 3840x2160px.
  3. 4K TV market share. 35% of American TV households now own a 4K TV set. If they don’t have DIRECTV, they pretty much aren’t watching 4K channels.
  4. Screen size is now cinematic. Movies are meant for the big screen, but average TV screen size is getting larger! The acceptance speech never looked so…big!
  5. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. A performance that can’t be missed!
  6. 4K Tier. Cable companies will launch new 24-hour 4K channel packages post-Oscars to drive more revenue into their coffers. 4K is the shiny new toy Pay TV desperately needs to combat cord-cutting. Satellite is the best way to deliver 4K, not streaming.
  7. Beauty. Both 4K and the Oscars showcase beauty. Which actor or actress do you think will be the first to accept an Academy Award in 4K resolution?
  8. Competition. Asia-Pacific and Europe are far ahead of America in terms of 4K TV adoption, deploying 4K set to boxes and 4K sports & entertainment broadcasts. The Oscars in 4K could be the spark for U.S. 4K cable TV.
  9. Big TV Moments. From Julian Edelman’s gravity-defying catch in Super Bowl LI to Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch, TV’s biggest moments are dissected by being paused, rewound, zoomed in and screenshot. 4K picture quality detail, especially when combined with HDR, allows viewers to obsess over their favorite moments as if they are right there in the action!
  10. 4KUNIVERSE. The Oscars, if filmed and broadcast in 4K, could provide the runway for my new 24-Hour 4K HDR TV Channel. 4KUNIVERSE will be carried by more cable operators across the U.S. who are looking to offer their customers the next big thing on TV.

…Once upon a time, there was this little blue engine that could. It said “I think I can-I think I can.” Then, that little blue engine came out of nowhere, and became a very, very big deal….

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